About Pyrosutra
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performers with palm tourches
The Pyrosutra Cast

Who we are
Pyrosutra is one of the longest-running fire troupes in the US. We have been collaborating and performing together for over a decade, and we bring unmatched levels of professionalism, safety and magic to any event.

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performer eating fire

What we do
Pyrosutra has performed on national and international stages, and collaborated on projects around the globe. We manipulate fire using traditional tools, and we draw on our experience with fire to design and create new, innovative tools for performances that are nothing short of magical.
fire eating tourches

Who we do it with
Pyrosutra could not function without our strong network of partners and collaborators. From metal workers to highly trained safety technicians, photographers, videographers, stage and lighting crew, the fire department, production team, club owners and more- what we do isn't possible without the creativity, direction and hard work of each and every one of them. Visit our community page to see what these amazing people are up to.
Performing at Sasquatch Music Festival

How to bring the magic of fire to you
We can design choreography for anything from romantic wedding receptions and cruises to gallery openings, outdoor festivals, theaters and conventions.

Let us know what you imagine, and we can create it...