Fellow artists, musicians, designers, sculptors, builders and performers.

Pyrosutra has fostered many great relationships within the fire community, we've met and worked with many fantastically talented people, and occasionally build extra special friendships through the work we do together. Because most of these folks live outside of our home base in Seattle, we cherish every opportunity we have to work and play together. Our Pyrofamilia are the people we keep close to our hearts and prefer to work with whenever possible.

Buddhaful clothing Buddhaful clothing: Our standard gear. Beautiful contemporary pieces, designed by local artists. Deep Roots Deep Roots is the best local tattoo and piercing shop- and they just opened another location up north. Luxotica Luxotica: all fire-performance related needs- tools, videos, clothing and more.
Silk Road Tribal Silk Road Tribal: Purveyors of beautiful, shiny things that we wear a lot of! Titanium Sporkestra Titanium Sporkestra: The baddest marching band in the wild west. Visionary Dance Studios Visionary Dance Studios: weekly classes and workshops on belly dance, stage presence, drumming and more.