Partners and Alumni
Explore the exciting projects our wonderful community of artists and friends are working on.

artopia fire hoop Tabasco
Seattle, WA

Tabasco is a pillar of the fire arts community. He started working with fire in 1995 and is the founder of Pyrosutra Incendiary Dance. Since retiring from performing, he started the collective The Blacksmith Shop, and, with his team The Iron Monkeys, has built large-scale installations that are regularly featured at the Burning Man Arts Festival, Reno Mangrove and Burien Interim Arts space. One of his famous tree sculptures can be found on permanent display at Rainier Vista's Central Park in South Seattle. He also started the metalworking company Iron Gypsy, creating intricately decorative pieces and sculptures. Tabasco designs and creates most of Pyrosutra's beautiful, innovative fire tools.

artopia fire hoop Amy
Portland, OR

Amy was first inspired to wow audiences in 2000, when she learned how to firedance and hoop. In 2000 she co-founded the fire troupe Nocturnal Sunshine in Santa Cruz, and spent 5 years with Pyrosutra in Seattle. Since then she has been hooping it up all around the west coast, inspiring people to have fun and get fit. In 2006, she moved to Portland and joined March Fourth Marching Band. Amy has shared the stage with many fantastic bands, including Vagabond Opera, Samarabalouf, the String Cheese Incident, the Everyone Orchestra, and Railroad Earth. Contact Amy to find out about her hula hoop classes around Portland.

artopia fire hoop Fusion
Montezuma, Costa Rica

Fusion has performed in Seattle, New York, L.A., China, India, Japan, Hawaii, Germany, Costa Rica, and Black Rock City. He is a founding member of Alien Love Nest Theme camp at Burning Man, and is creator of the coveted Fimo Burning Man Pendants. Since taking up residence in Montezuma, Fusion has started a real estate company, a travel agency, two eco-village developments, and is an owner and CEO of Anamaya Yoga Retreat Center. He has been with Pyrosutra since 2000.

artopia fire hoop Sapphire
Montezuma, Costa Rica

Sapphire was born in Spain and spent some of her childhood in Thailand. Her active youth in gymnastics, track and dance allowed her to excell quickly in the fire arts. Sapphire first found fire in 1997 and has been performing with Pyrosutra since 2000.

artopia fire hoop Smoke Monkey
Montezuma, Costa Rica

Smoke Monkey discovered poi on the beaches of Thailand and hasn't looked back since. To date, Smoke Monkey has performed from Bangkok to Barcelona, Manhattan to Montezuma. He currently teaches fire dancing at La Escuela Del Sol in Costa Rica, pushing the boundaries of body and burn.

artopia fire hoop Salsa
Montezuma, Costa Rica

Salsa is a Colombian dancer who loves nothing more than to move her body about the flame. She has danced all her life, even competing on Costa Rica's hit show "Buba," performing in the final 20 of thousands of contestants. She learned poi at La Escuela Del Sol in Montezuma, Costa Rica and later began to teach Spanish and fire dancing at that very same school. Today, she performes all over Costa Rica and teaches tourists from around the world.