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Booking a Fire Performance

Pyrosutra has experience performing for audiences as large as 65,000+ and as small and intimate as a wedding reception. No event is too great or too small. Whether you're planning a formal awards dinner or an outdoor barbecue for clients, Pyrosutra can create a show that is sure to be the highlight of your event. Pyrosutra has performed internationally, and for such clients as Adobe, Cirque du Soleil, Gnarly Head Wines, Harley-Davidson, Microsoft, & the Seattle Seahawks.

In larger venues Pyrosutra can perform with more elaborate tools. Fire fans provide a brilliant spectacle that can vary from an Asian style fan dance to at times resembling great wings of fire. With fire chains, or Polynesian poi, artists spin flaming torches at dizzying speeds through intricate maneuvers as the performers move with fluid grace. Staves with flaming torch ends provide a similar spectacle with more of a martial arts flair. Pyrosutrans also wield flaming swords. Spun with serpentine grace these mighty tools cut great swaths of fire through the air drawing attention and admiration of all who witness their display. Our performances are highly scalable and offer a wide selection of fire performances options which include: fire eaters, fire breathers, finger torches, palm torches, fans, chains (poi), staff, double staff, swords, and stilt walking. We also have a selection of non-fire acts such as black light (UV) shows using poi and flags, belly dance, fan dancing, ambient characters, stilt walking, hula-hooping and much much more.

Performances usually include at least two performers and one fire-safety, but can easily be scaled to include more than ten performers. Small shows run from 12-16 minutes and include the use of 3-4 different tools. Larger shows can run over 30 minutes and include the use of six or more different fire tools in choreographed pieces. We will gladly custom tailor a performance to meet your particular needs.

We work closely with local fire marshals and maintain strict standards of fire safety. We have carried an annual fire performance permit since 2000. To learn more about the role of fire safety in Pyrosutra performances, please see our fire safety protocol.

Pyrosutra is based out of Seattle, Washington but also has members local to Portland, Oregon, the Bay area, and Montezuma, Costa Rica. We are available for local and international performances.

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Jay fire eating at The High Dive.