Technical Information
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Kim and Leslie with fire fans Technical Requirements
The first step is to ensure that a fire show is possible. Before the performance, we will contact your local fire marshal to make arrangements for venue approval. Approval timelines are at least one week, so make sure to contact us early to begin the planning process.

For all venues, a fuel storage zone is required. This zone is used to store fuel canisters, performance equipment and safety gear. It needs needs to be a well-lit outdoor space, separated from any outdoor performance area.

Kim and Liz in the park Outdoor Fire performances
An open space, free of obstructions such as debris, pipes, wires etc. This space is preferably situated against a wall or fence to be used as a staging area, and must be marked or roped.

Kim and Leslie at Chapel with Fans indoor fire performance:
Stage measurements for indoor performances vary, but there must be a 6ft buffer between the audience and performers. The stage must be clear of wiring, hanging cables or lights and other equipment.