The Fire Performers of Pyrosutra

Shon McLeod
Shon first acquired his passion for fire performance in 2002, while working on his degree in psychology at the University of Washington. He came across a group of students practicing in Red Square who showed him how to make a set of practice poi and teach him a few moves. A few months later he began performing around Seattle and was spotted and recruited by Pyrosutra to perform in their annual appearance at The Bite of Seattle. He has been performing with them ever since.

When not throwing flaming nunchucks or spinning poi, Shon can be found DJing at local clubs, metalworking, building fire tools or jumping out of airplanes.

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shon skydiving

shon fire fans

shon spinning poi

shon fire hoop

shon fire nunchucks

shon fire eating

Shon with Poi at Sasquatch